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Parenting Support

We offer support to parents of multiples through focused support groups targeting members with specific challenges or areas of interest, direct support programs intended to help out families in times of need (including those with brand new babies!), and an amazing member support network.

Monthly Events & Featured Speakers

Our monthly events are not only entertaining, but they are educational as well. We offer a place to learn about family, health and local issues as well as public education and other matters. Some past and recurring speakers include a pediatric dentist, professional organizer, dietician, life coach, child psychologist, estate planning attorney, sleep expert, parenting experts and more.

Full access to members-only online community

We use an online community called Wild Apricot. We also offer support via our own closed Facebook group.

Freebie items and lendables often available at monthly meetings

Borrow a twin nursing pillow, grab some free formula samples or other useful coupons! Club members often share their unneeded baby items.


in the Multiples of America (Multiples of America) Including their newsletter/magazine, Notebook.

Membership in Mid-Atlantic Parents of Multiples (MAPOM) Organization including an option to attend the annual regional conference.

Consignment Sale

For more information about our consignment sales, click here.

  • Early entrance for club members
  • Earn 70 - 80% of the value of the items you sell! Greater percentage on consigned items for those who volunteer
  • A great opportunity to buy the items you need at incredible prices.

Family Events

FCMOM organizes multiples-friendly events throughout the year to help you mark the seasons with your family, including an Egg Hunt, Spring Carnival, Summer Picnic and a Halloween Party.

Mom's Night Out

Here's your opportunity to take a break from the family and enjoy the camaraderie of fellow mothers. Moms Nights Out are held monthly at various restaurants, or locations in the area. Other activities rotate to also include Bunco nights, craft nights, and group events like the movies. Our June Banquet is another great event to enjoy with fellow moms.

Playgroups and Children's Activities

Playgroups and activities for children are scheduled by age group. Look for events for New & Expectant Moms; Creepers, Crawlers & Cruisers, Young Toddlers (1's), Toddlers, Preschoolers, Mixed Ages, Fun Over 5, and Families.

Playgroups are scheduled at area parks and playgrounds, children's concerts, indoor children's gyms, nature museums, festivals, stroller walks, and perennial favorites such as farms, the zoo, and a spring egg hunt. Play dates are often hosted in members' homes too.

Board Meetings

All members are welcome to attend monthly board meetings. Past and upcoming events are discussed, as well as the Treasurer's report and other business.

    Available Memberships with FCMOM:

  • New or Expectant Membership (6mos free)
  • Annual Member
  • Additional Member Same Household
  • Honorary Member
  • Long distance Alumni Member
  • Long term Member